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 +**Advanced Panel Lookups and Updates**
 +The choose one, textbox and textbox tables support the ability to read information from the panel through normal piping [ [[panel:​fieldname] ] and update the panel directly from the form.
 +To set this feature up select the Update panel checkbox from the Response Options tab in the designer.
 +For the text table the panel key word is entered into the default values window (right click on the table). ​ The following options are available:
 +  * panel:​custom_1 ​  Note: double brackets are not used
 +  * paneldate:​custom_1 ​  The calendar will display in the text box with the panel read/write option
 +  * paneldefaults:​custom_1#​Item 1:Item 2...The panel read/write option is initiated with a default dropdown list
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