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   * Date (calendar) - the key word "​date"​ will cause a calendar to pop up when the user clicks on the cell.   * Date (calendar) - the key word "​date"​ will cause a calendar to pop up when the user clicks on the cell.
   * Numeric combo   * Numeric combo
-      * Max combo - the key word max can be used after the combo  +      * Max combo - the key word _max can be used after the combo instruction to limit the combo to the immediate right to be limited to the number selected in the combo. ​  
-  * Dif combo +      ​* Dif combo - the key word _dif can be used after the combo instruction to limit the number of items shown in the combo to the number not selected in the prior combo - for example combo:​1-10 ​  ​combo:​1-10_dif (if four is selected in the first combo only 6 items will be listed in the second. 
-  * Text combo +      * Text combo creates a combo with text values ie. combo:​1#​Yes;​2#​No;​-1#​NA 
-  * Repeat combo+      * :NA adds an NA option to a numeric combo list ie. combo:​1-5:​NA .  The result stored for the NA option will be -1 
 +      * _refresh - forces the cell to be re-answered if the audit is retaken. 
 +  * Repeat combo - repeats the combo show in the prior row of the same column
   * Search suggest list   * Search suggest list
   * Sum   * Sum
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